Sunday, April 23, 2006

Demo Reel for Internship


Demo Reel for Internship
MOV : 41 M



1489 Webster St., Apt.803

San Francisco, Ca 94115-3770

Phone: 562.522.5982




Organic & Character Modeling & Animation (Alias Maya, Rhinoceros3D, Zbrush)

- Have built characters in Alias Maya using both multi-patch NURBS modeling and polygon modeling

- Extensive background in life-drawing and knowledge of human anatomy

- Have designed characters working from my own original concept sketches to final rigged character with corrective blend-shapes.

- Experienced with Traditional animation, Can apply my 2D animation skill to animate a 3d computer character

Texture Mapping (Adobe Photoshop)

- Expert user of Adobe Photoshop, can apply my traditional art skills to paint original realistic texture maps and matte painting

- Experienced at applying and adjusting custom color, displacement, bump, secularity and other types of maps using Maya

Compositing (Apple Shake)

- Experienced with integrating multi-pass 3D renderings into live-action plates

- Experienced with matte painting, plate tracking and blue screen keying


Academy Of Art University, San Francisco, CA

February 2004 – present

Specializing in 3D Character Animation (MFA)

Major: Character Animation, Animation

Courses included:

Pixar 1 Advanced Animation (3D) – Taught by Pixar Animators (Stephen Gregory and Billy Merrit)

Pixar 2 Advanced Animation (3D) – Taught by Pixar Animators (Andrew Gordon and Mike Venturini)

(All of the pixar classes are demoreel required)

Character Animation 1 (3D) – Taught by Lynn

Character Animation 2 (3D) – Taught by Charles Keagle

Storyboarding – Taught by Martha Wilson

Traditional Animation (2D) – Taught by Tom Arndt

Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

September 1997- May 2002

Specializing in Fine Art, Painting Major (BFA)


3D-Create Studio (3D Computer Animation School), Bangkok, Thailand

In 2002 - 2004

A 3D computer teacher assistant in the 3D-Create Studio (Maya)

3D freelance

Have worked on movies and cartoon animations in Thailand


- AAU Spring Show 2005 Finalist in 3d Short Animation

- AAU Spring Show 2005 Finalist in 2D Pencil Animation Test

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Naree Pho

My concept.
titled “Naree Phol” is a representation of traditional Thai mythology. My original intention was to preserve the mythological values as much as possible, but to keep up with the theme of this entry I had to change it quite a bit to portray Master & Servant. I have modified the design and also changed certain historical values, but I have still kept the mythology alive in the design. My concept here is that the man was an evil character, now though with the divine intervention of Goddess Naree Phol he has turned not only into an honest person but also he serves as her protector.

WIP<---- check it out!!

Hi This is my first blog. Let me start with mt old stuff that I did for CG Challenge . This will be my portfoilo. I will update some of my animations and 2D stuff soon

hope your guy like it