Saturday, March 25, 2006

Naree Pho

My concept.
titled “Naree Phol” is a representation of traditional Thai mythology. My original intention was to preserve the mythological values as much as possible, but to keep up with the theme of this entry I had to change it quite a bit to portray Master & Servant. I have modified the design and also changed certain historical values, but I have still kept the mythology alive in the design. My concept here is that the man was an evil character, now though with the divine intervention of Goddess Naree Phol he has turned not only into an honest person but also he serves as her protector.

WIP<---- check it out!!

Hi This is my first blog. Let me start with mt old stuff that I did for CG Challenge . This will be my portfoilo. I will update some of my animations and 2D stuff soon

hope your guy like it


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